The main ingredients of this range are herbs whose natural mineral, vitamin, enzyme content nourish the body.  When the body is provided with the required nutrients that it can easily assimilate it is able to rebuild and create a better sense of wellbeing.

These holistic remedies can clear you body of toxins which may have been either ingested, inhaled or absorbed, leaving your body able to function more efficiently.

Homeobotanical Therapy was designed to effectively treat most acute and chronic health conditions, bringing the body back into balance.  When we find balance, we start feeling better and then find we are living more.

The Signature Essence range do contain Homeobotaicals.  If you are interested in finding out more take a look at the Essences or book a free discovery appointment.

Finding Balance, Feeling Better, Living More

Signature Calm Essence


Signature Calm Essence – Developed to calm the mind and body. This essence may reduce anxiety, adrenal overload and stress.

Signature Energise Essence


Signature Energise Essence – In need of an energy boost when when your daily schedule requires you to have a turbo boost. This This essence is an option when you need the vitality to cope with a busy day.

Signature Immunity Essence


Signature Immune Essence – on those days when you feel out of sorts and that you might be coming down with a cold or virus. This essence should be considered to give your immune system a little boost to fight off the sniffles.

Signature Migraine Essence


Signature Migraine Essence – If it has been one of those days when the mind has been over stimulated and you know that a headache isn't far away wouldn't it be great to prevent a full blown migraine. This essence may help to the body relax, calm the mind and relieve the effects of most headaches.

Signature Sleep Essence


Signature Sleep Essence – Having a good night's sleep makes such a difference especially when you have a busy day ahead. Sometimes we need helping hand to calm the overactive mind when we getting to sleep or getting back to sleep. Designed to encourage the nervous system to relax and inspire a good night’s sleep.