Womens Health

Women’s health is an area I work with extensively. Women can struggle with their hormones and when they are out of balance we can be affected in so many ways. If you have repeated issues with any of the following it is quite possible that they are due to hormone imbalance.



Urinary Tract Infections


Irregular Cycles

Painful Periods


Mood swings







Low Immunity

You may have seen your GP and left feeling frustrated or unheard.  Perhaps you have read lots of conflicting information. Tried a variety of supplements. Been prescribed routine medication but are concerned about the side-effects. Then you are definitely not alone.

Hormonal disturbances are not something we have to tolerate. Hormonal balance is something we can achieve with homeopathy, the right diet and lifestyle. Are you looking forward to...

Finding Balance, Feeling Better, Living More  

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Signature Energise Essence


Signature Energise Essence – In need of an energy boost when when your daily schedule requires you to have a turbo boost. This This essence is an option when you need the vitality to cope with a busy day.

Signature Sleep Essence


Signature Sleep Essence – Having a good night's sleep makes such a difference especially when you have a busy day ahead. Sometimes we need helping hand to calm the overactive mind when we getting to sleep or getting back to sleep. Designed to encourage the nervous system to relax and inspire a good night’s sleep.