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My Approach

Illness and physical symptoms are the body’s way of telling us that it is not happy and that something is out of balance. In some cases an individual is born with a health problem, but quite often you become ill over a period of time and have been too busy to notice or have chosen to ignore the messages that your body has been giving you.

There are certain circumstances when the signs are obvious or self-inflicted – drinking too much of your favourite coffee and then finding that you are unable to sleep is an example. There is too much caffeine circulating in the body so it is responding to the stimulant. By reducing the amount of coffee consumed in the evening helps us to feel more relaxed and contribute to getting a good night’s sleep.  When the body is put under a small amount of pressure these signs may be subtle.  It is not until our body starts shouting, we choose to do something about it!

I see each person as an individual and fully understand the impact that stress and work life imbalance can have on your health. I’m passionate about supporting individuals to feel healthier and happier. This often involves detoxifying, balancing hormones, processing emotional trauma or grief, reviewing gut health and energy balancing techniques.

Like a detective, my aim is to help individuals understand how they got to the place where they are with their health, and how they can start to change things for the better. Frequently I suggest techniques to assist with lifestyle changes, nutrition or manifesting and affirmations to change their attitude, understanding habit loops and limiting beliefs.

About Me

Following a riding accident in my teens I struggled with back problems. The thought of continuously taking pain killers at such a young age didn’t seem to be a sensible solution.  A series of treatments with an osteopath combined with taking up yoga had a positive effect.  This was my first step onto the road of using alternative therapies.

In my early twenties I started commuting to London for the day job. Over a period of time the pressure of work and travelling took its toll on my health. My body started giving me messages, by way of physical symptoms, that it was out of balance. Being human I ploughed on and ignored the various ailments until my body started shouting then SCREAMING!  It was at this point that there was no option but to do something about it.  My sister suggested making an appointment to see a homeopath, I was more than a little sceptical.  After a couple of appointments, taking the prescribed remedies, following the advice to make some simple lifestyle and dietary changes, I started to feel better.  Now when I look back the list of ailments that manifested I am amazed at how tolerant the human body can be yet with the right nutrition and some gentle nudges it can recover from migraines, anxiety, insomnia, grief, hay fever, allergic rhinitis, and hormone imbalances. This was a turning point in my health and there was no going back. The necessity to see the homeopath on a monthly basis gradually reduced but periodic support kept my health on track.  Don’t get me wrong life happens and sometimes a particular stressor would arise and I would need an appointment for an acute problem.

A riding accident in my mid-teens sparked an interest into finding simple, natural solutions to resolve health issues.   Firstly, yoga, osteopathy and then homeopathy, all of which I have been using for the last 30 years. A chance meeting with a newly qualified Homeopath, encouraged me to study the therapy for four years at the College of Practical Homeopathy in London. The course not only covered Homeopathy but iridology, flower essences, herbs, nutrition and supplements. Another major turning point, not only for my health but for my family’s health too.

An invitation to become a Tutor at the homeopathic college at which I graduated has provided an opportunity for me to supervise online students with their studies and case management.

CPD is important to any practitioner and the Homeobotanicals training has extended my outlook. This range is designed to effectively treat most acute and chronic health conditions, bringing the person back into balance.

I am a member of the Complimentary Medical Association.


  • Licentiate in Homeopathy, College of Practical Homeopathy London (2018)
  • Homeobotanicals (2019)